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The first dead Visor

Victim: BD
Date added: 12/20/1999


The first dead Visor Well, I had waited a little less then 7 weeks for my brand new Visor from Handspring (the very cool new company with the slightly messed us customer service) when I finally recieved it in the mail. Since it was my first PDA, I was very excited and within a few days I had downloaded plenty of games, apps and doc files to keep me busy for a while.

Sadly, my fun would only last a few weeks. Early one morning, before I had fully woke up (and too lazy to pick up the paper) I picked up my Visor and went into my bathroom for a nice read. Somehow, my hand slipped and I accidently dropped it, only inches from the open toilet! When I picked it up and looked at the screen, I saw that it was cracked in a few places near the top. I played with it a little and noticed that although the LCD screen was in perfect shape, the touch sensitive glass that covered it was very messed up. Although I could see the stuff on the screen, it would not repond to my tapping. I figured that it would be almost impossible to get the screen fixed (and I called up a few computer repair shops just to make sure) and I was almost ready to just go out and get a Palm Pilot...but I figured I might as well call Handspring to see what they would say. After talking to the very confusing customer service guy, he told me that they would send me a replacement in 4 business days.. As I write this, I am still waiting for my replacement to come (4 days, yeah right!)...but I have already waited seven weeks, and I have a feeling I might be waiting a bit longer. But it was very cool while it lasted!

-Visor Dead on 12/3/99

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