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Cracked Pilot 1000

Victim: Paul Drobny
Date added: 12/27/1999


Cracked Pilot 1000 Its not really dead yet .. its still kickin. I'm still using it. The only thing is, if I go into calibration mode, I have to hit reset. The upper left hand corner of the screen is not usable and as you get closer to the busted place, it gets harder to use because you have to touch the screen to the left of where you want it to highlight by about a half an inch. The only reason I can still get to the menus is because of the menu icon.

Its not dead, but its not long for this world. This is a version 1 product, and I've gotten plenty of use out of it. I just wanted to see how much more I can squeeze. I'll be getting a Palm III, after I figure out where the cheapest place to get one with the expanded memory is. Probably go for the modem too, this time.

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