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Precious Palmie gets cracked

Victim: Matthew Jolley
Date added: 1/17/2000


Precious Palmie gets cracked This is my precious Palm IIIe, which I got on Christmas. Precious Palmie (as I had taken to calling him) had been riding in one of the big cargo pockets of my pants all day, as he normally does. I took him out, and put him in the hotsync cradle, cover down, once I got home.

Maybe an hour later, I noticed my mother had a call on the answering machine, so I pulled out my Palm to make a note so I would remember to tell her.


The screen was broken, by perhaps 3 thin cracks that didn't even rupture the LCD. No hard impacts had befallen the leg area that precious palmie had been resting in, so I can only assume when I went to sit down pressure was applied to the back of the unit, causing the frame to flex, and the screen with it. Cursing 3Com for not shipping their extremely expensive units (how much profit are they making on these babies?!) with real cases, I pulled out my CompUSA receipt that had the free replacement warranty printed on it, and got it replaced the next day. Whew.

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