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PDA bike accident

Victim: John Records
Date added: 3/26/2000


Not exactly a Palm story.
I was riding my bike to work with my trusty HP 100-LX (has a clamshell case with a little keyboard) in my left pants pocket. Something fell out of my other pants pocket, and instead of stopping to look for it, I foolishly looked back over my right shoulder, ran the bike into a curb and had a major crash. Shattered my left elbow. There was a very heavy bruise on my left thigh in the exact shape of the 100-LX. It survived unscathed, only to die a less dramatic death several months later for no apparent reason. I then got my first Palm, which still serves me well. Good thing I didn't have the Palm in my pocket for the bike crash--would have had to surgically remove pieces of the screen from my leg!

John Records

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