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Palm suicide

Victim: Toni Riss
Date added: 4/25/2000


My Palm IIIx recently became despondent over the new IIIc color Palm and decided to commit suicide.
While it would have preferred to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, it's owner (me) resides in Dallas, Tx. Instead it did the next best thing and leaped into the toilet in my Master Bathroom.

CPR and Mouth to Chip resucitation were tried, but the Palm Medics pronounced it dead on 4/22/00.

It had absorbed at least 4 ounces of water and you could see baby sharks floating across the now dead screen.

After an appropriate time of mourning (less than two hours) I got a good deal on the new color Palm.

Submitted by:

Toni Riss aka Ms. Prozac
Dallas, Tx

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