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A Crime that Cries out to Heaven for Vengence

Victim: Michael Engelbrecht
Date added: 4/25/2000


I was walking in my apartment using my Visor Deluxe. I tripped over something and the Visor sailed out of my expensive titanium hardcase. Everything was in slow motion. As I fell to the ground, and tried to lunge forward toward the spiralling Visor, I bellowed a gutteral "Noooooooooooo!"
I landed far short of the Visor and watched it greet my hardwood floors with three bounces. As it came to rest face-up on the floor, all I could see through the half-dozen cracks across the screen was a barely readable 'OK' box in the bottom left of the screen. I grabbed my fallen comrade and held it up to the heavens and cried "WHY?!?!"

Luckily Handspring had another Visor in my hand in five days.

Michael Engelbrecht
PDA death 4-16-00

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