The Palm Graveyard


A Flushing Experience

Victim: Doug
Date added: 9/8/1999


I’m sure I can’t be the only person to have had the following experience, but perhaps I’m the only one willing to admit to it.

I was rushing to get to work one morning and did a last check of my Date Book while on the “porcelain throne”.

I then slipped it back into it’s belt case and proceeded with the usual paperwork. When I raised my trousers I realized I had forgotten something. The splashing sound seemed to indicate a failure to close the Velcro top on the case. As a point of interest, Palm III’s do not float. Not even when accompanied by “other matter”.

I retrieved my trusty companion, rinsed him in tap water and then distilled water. A couple of days later things looked hopeful, but alas, he kept requiring hard resets every few hours. He has since gone to the 3com graveyard and been replaced by one of his younger brothers.

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