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Visor Passes Flight Test, Fails Landing

Victim: Sergeant Major Bill Russell
Date added: 1/10/2001


At the end of a long convoy returning from maneuvers at Grafenwoehr Germany I was standing at the back gate to our compound preparing to direct traffic for the long line of military vehicles returning from the field. I had instructed my driver on where to go and what to do while I played traffic cop. The problem was that she froze in place and didn't move our Hummer. Traffic was backing up so I gave her a vigorous hand and arm signal to "move out." I was holding my Visor in its slip case at the time and it "slipped" right out of the case and flew about forty feet and landed in the middle of the road. I trotted over and policed the pieces up. It was a bit like the Scarecrow on Oz. Part was over here, part s were over there. Everything fit back together and when I powered it up it came on normally. I was impressed. Later I discovered that although there was no apparent damage, the screen no longer operated as an input device. No matter where I touched the screen only the left side selection activated. This was a problem when I inadvertently brought up the contrast control. Soon I had a screen that I couldn't read. A soft reset fixed that and Handspring sent a replacement for only $85!


Sergeant Major Bill Russell
G2 Sergeant Major
1st Infantry Division
"The Big Red One"

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