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Victim: Jim Weller and John Field
Date added: 4/11/2001


FrankenPalm By Jim Weller and John Field
ITS Callcenter Techs
University of Alaska Anchorage

It was a good day. I'd convinced all the techie troglodytes in our office to wear ties and dress sharp. I followed suit and wore a nice shirt with a breast pocket. Naturally, wanting to niche into the geek image, I placed my palm in my breast pocket. That was the fatal stroke for my Palm IIIe. When bending over in the bathroom to pull up my trousers my little IIIe leaped from my breast to its death on the bathroom floor. It's screen cracked and never saw another grafitti stroke or button press. Not a very flashy story, but what followed was interesting.

My co-worker's Palm III had a similar fate. His Palm's mainboard bit the dust during a smoking break accident.

Well, You can do the math. My screen was cracked, and his board was smashed. Nothing left to do, but try and make the pieces fit. And they did! We are now the proud owners of a Palm IIIe with a Palm III screen plate. Notice that the quick tap buttons don't match the palm model :)

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