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Here we go again

Victim: The Junkman
Date added: 4/13/2001


Here we go again I'm on my third replacement Palm device (see picture). Cracked the first one on a clumsy drop getting into my car. Cracked this one at the ATM getting some money. A hundred bucks both times, however, my old boss hooked me up the first repair and footed the bill. Luckily, the hundred buck doesn't hurt as bad now but the fifty bucks for a decent leather case sucked. That first leather case left the edges exposed and guess where it landed when I dropped it. Thirty bucks wasted.

I have seen a new invention called a Palm bumper. This is an outstanding case made by Fellowes, however, they don't make one for the Palm VII. That's stupid since the Palm VII is the most expensive Palm with Internet access. When they do make one I'll be the first one in line. Damn this hurts but it's nice to see I have company.

I only hate the fact that I lost all of my hacking software since my PC crashed a day before all this happened. Blues, despair, and agony on me.

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