DRAM Fix Released for Visor

Handspring has posted a patch for the faulty DRAM that has plagued all the Palm handheld makers. This means that everyone who has a Palm-powered handheld now has a fix for the problem.

This patch also clears up a couple of other small problems with the Visor's OS. This fix prevents unexpected launches of the Calculator when touching the Visor screen close to the Calculator launcher icon and corrects an issue where a Visor may have difficulty performing a HotSync operation using a serial cradle when a modem Springboard module is installed. Everyone with a Visor should consider downloading it.

Palm now has a software fix for all its affected models. If you have a TRGpro, TRG suggests you upgrade to their version of OS 3.5.1, which is free. Palm has also posted a test app and a software patch for the IBM WorkPad c3.

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Tom R @ 7/22/2000 4:29:32 PM #
I got the patch and installed it. Easy and went smoothly. You can delete the patch installer once finished. Thanks Handspring.




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