Handspring's Wireless Plans

Handspring will focus this year on delivering a range of wireless applications to its customers via the Springboard add-on cartridge, CEO Donna Dubinsky said today in an interview with News.com.

"A lot of thought went into how (the Visor) will accommodate wireless," she said, noting that the Springboard expansion technology is more flexible than the Secure Digital card, which Palm recently chose as its expansion choice for future devices.

"We have a solution that's been architected from the very start for expandability. If you look at all the other standards out there, they're all pretty much focused on content and memory. That's a subset of Springboard," she said.

Thanks to C|net.

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yes but WHEN???

bummed in NY @ 7/24/2000 2:41:48 PM #
Timing is so important with these types of things. I LOVE my Visor but I'm seriously considering the new Palm 7 when it arrives. I've seen them work and they're great. I thought Handspring would lead the palm market with innovation...instead they ask their customers to "hang in there" while they catch up...

-Bummed in NY

RE: yes but WHEN???
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/24/2000 5:54:36 PM #
If the new VII has poor quality control like the IIIc and IIIxe then I'm not interested.


I.M. Anonymous @ 7/24/2000 6:38:58 PM #
i have a visor. i am thinking about getting a thincom modem {springboard}. does anyone have any idea what the monthly fee is?




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