Big Day for Ethernet Cradle and PalmModem, too

Though overshadowed by the m100, to some people two other announcements from Palm today are even more important. The Palm Ethernet Cradle is now available and Palm has officially announced that the 33.6 PalmModem will be available soon.

The Palm Ethernet Cradle allows Palm III and Palm VII series devices to HotSync with their desktop PC over a corporate network no matter how far they are from the PC. I'm sure you are aware you can go to one of your co-worker's desk and use their Palm cradle to HotSync to your PC. Well, this Ethernet Cradle eliminates the need for another PC to be involved.

And, if you invest in the HotSync Server, no one even needs to have a desktop PC to sync to. It can take the place of PCs for an entire group of Palm users.

Palm recommends putting the Ethernet Cradles in lobbies, conference rooms, training centers, labs, cafeterias, or other shared spaces. It will set you back $249.

Palm pulled the 14.4 PalmModem a while back with no fanfare while they worked on a faster version. Well, today they announced the PalmModem Connectivity Kit, a clip-on for the Palm III series

The kit includes a 33.6 snap-on modem and a set of e-mail applications, AOL Mail and MultiMail Pro, and Yahoo! Messenger, an instant messaging application. Notice that two of these are freeware and the AOL Mail requires an AOL account to be useful but it is nice that they are throwing in MultiMail. It will be available through Palm resellers in late August for an as yet undisclosed price.

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Don't do it

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/7/2000 4:52:43 PM #
buy one of these instead:" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

It can be used with IIIs and Vs.

RE: Don't do it
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/7/2000 5:06:37 PM #
Actually only III's and VII's....can't with V's.
RE: Don't do it
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/8/2000 2:09:13 AM #
The IR <-> Ethernet Device should work fine with any IR Capable Palm Computing Platform Device running Palm OS 3.3 or later.

including my Vx.

RE: Don't do it
Ed @ 8/8/2000 7:57:37 AM #
How fast is the EthIR LAN in comparison with the Palm's serial port? Though even if it is slower, I like not having to worry about the shape of the Palm, just whether it has an IR port. The EthIR LAN should work fine with the new m100, too.
RE: Don't do it
Eric @ 8/8/2000 1:03:21 PM #
This may be amaturish but:

How does one hot sync using this? Would I have to get HotSync Server?

RE: Don't do it
Steve @ 8/9/2000 6:16:50 AM #
EthIR LAN standards support 4 Mbs which is faster than the serial port supports. I don't know for certain if Palm fully supports this speed as I have never sync'ed using IR.

I don't see that you would need hotsync server, as Palm Desktop software can sync over the network (I do this when away from the office by dialing into our RAS server and syncing over the network to my PC. I believe that hotsync server is required if you wish to share hotsync data with other people in your organisation. The standard Hotsync application does not do this.

If anyone know any different, let me know and I will happily admit defeat....once I've checked it out :-)


SigTerm @ 8/9/2000 5:16:46 AM #
how secure will it be?
will my fellow palm owners be able to completly sync MY data,by accident or some small hack?

Palm ReDirector

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/2000 9:47:38 PM #
If you are already at your PC with a HotSync Cradle near by you can also use Palm ReDirector by wagware. It lets you use your cradle to access your PC's modem to dial out. it lest you print and send data to your clipboard too! The price isn't too bad at $20 either. I ordered my copy from

I use it daily with TG Postman to check my home e-mail while at work. Printing is useful, but I don't use the clipboard feature often. No need for more hardware...



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