Palm Reduces IIIc and VII Prices

Along with introducing several new products today, Palm has also reduced their suggested prices on some of its existing handhelds. The Palm IIIc and the Palm VII both have been reduced to $399, down from $449. The price remains unchanged for the two remaining models: Palm Vx at $399 and the Palm IIIxe at $249.

These are Palm's two slowest moving handhelds and many people have complained that they were over-priced. Hopefully this will help alleviate both of these problems.

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Palm IIIc

S. Kahn @ 8/13/2000 2:28:55 PM #
Maybe this version is a slow seller...but I love it! Even with the crack (they are supposedly sending me another one). My husband has the Palm V and I am impressed with how thin it is and it's sleek looking case, but the color enhances its readibility incredibly! It makes all the difference in the world to me.


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