Quickies: 128 MB MMC, $5 Bluetooth, Mobile Conference

Hitachi has announced a line of MMC cards ranging in size from 16 MB to 128 MB. The smaller cards can transfer data at 1 MB/sec while the 64 MB and 128 MB cards have a transfer speed of 2 MB/sec. No prices were released. -Ed

Cambridge Silicon Radio, the leading supplier of Bluetooth chips, said that it expects to have have chips on sale below $5 by 2003. They currently cost between $8 and $10. The $5 mark is the point where many analysts have predicted Bluetooth will really begin to catch on. -Ed

The 2001 CAMP IT Expo & Conference will include eleven handheld-related sessions, including:

  • Handhelds vs. Laptops
  • Cutting Through Mobile Chaos: E-Mail and PIM Management for Multiple Devices
  • Creating a Successful Enterprise Wireless Strategy: A Manager's Guide
  • Mobile and Wireless 101: Navigating the wireless labyrinth
This free conference will be held on October 10 in Chicago. -Dan Horwich

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Palm is sleeping & deep frozen

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2001 8:26:15 AM #
Palm cannot even deliver the cable-connector to the m500 series moths after shipping the Palms- a dead simple connector Toy's US makes in a couple of hours - if not minutes. Therefore no emergency loading adapter is available in Europe - we do not know if in the US it is one around.
Do you really expect Palm has the power to do bluetooth in a couple of weeks? Thoughts here are they are silently passing away - a shame!

RE: Palm is sleeping & deep frozen
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2001 9:44:59 AM #
They're available from 3rd party vendors. Do a search. This is the Palm way -> they rely on 3rd party vendors and prefer to not put them out of business. It's how the IBM PC took off. It was a peice of crap compared to the Apple, but the 3rd party guys patched it up and created a economy around it.

RE: Palm is sleeping & deep frozen
ganoe @ 9/18/2001 11:59:17 AM #
Palm has never gone very far with making HotSync cables available for their handhelds. Even the ones they do make are hard to come by. They are easy to get from third party manufacturers though.

128mb SD card

straycat @ 9/19/2001 10:29:52 AM #
SANDISK have details of their 128mb SD card on their website -

Price quoted is $229.99 and status is 'Back-ordered'

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