Go All Medieval On Your Palm

After a year of development, Lordinium, a Medieval role playing game (RPG) for the PalmOS, is finally available. Each player controls a fighter hero. The game features a dynamic environment which evolves according to the player's acts and decisions. Gameplay involves pitting one fief against another, becoming rich and famous, concentrating on mission fulfilment, and gaining martial arts knowledge. It is $20.

The game offers strong character development and allows the player to do whatever they feel like doing. The player will have to manage their popularity, increase their more than 20 fighting abilities, and evolve in a political environment reacting to their decisions.

The RPG has also been designed for personalization. That means specific add-ons like tournaments and wars, scenarios and campaigns, but also graphical customization.

Thanks to Antheor for the tip. -Ed

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How much memory does this use?

skoty @ 10/14/2001 11:39:11 AM #
I'm not a big gammer. All of the games on my Handsping are under 100K in size. Something tells me that this game can't be under 2M. Anybody know the actual size?

RE: How much memory does this use?
skoty @ 10/14/2001 11:42:41 AM #
I answered my own question. The zip file available from their site contains a 812K .prc file. Whether this is the full version or a crippled one, I don't know. Still, it's already too big for my taste. I'll just have to stick with Yatzee and Subhunt for now.

RE: How much memory does this use?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/14/2001 11:51:23 AM #
The game has a flagrant lack of finition, nothing is tight-tight in it... To be considered BETA...not worth the space.

RE: How much memory does this use?
TDS @ 10/14/2001 5:53:16 PM #
This is why the future of all Palms is "Memory Expansion" - I have a Visor Prism with a Memplug Smartmedia adapter. Last time I looked I had 12 MB in programs (That run right off the card via PiDirect), 4MB in video files, 1-2MB in DOC files, and a backup directory on my card.

It seems like all of the really nice new programs are getting very large, and are really only going to be useful for people with expanded PalmOS devices.

The beauty of it, though, is that even the older PalmOS devices are not obsolete - They do a great job as a PIM even with 2MB of memory!

I have a feeling that most PalmOS devices (Except the Clie) are going to standardize on the SD card as default memory expansion. Handspring will keep the Springboard for everything else (Just like Handera will keep the CF Card - My hat is off to them for being the first with the "Dual Expansion" idea). one slot for Memory expansion, and another for accessories... Sounds nice...

RE: How much memory does this use?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/14/2001 7:19:52 PM #
They were first in the Palm OS psace, but not in the handheld space... the Newton MP2K had 2 PC-Card slots to avoid slot contention. Something all manufacturers should look at seriously. This is also why SD will succeed int he market and technologies like Springboard will die. You can't build a *small* handheld device if the expansion it uses takes up half of your palm (no pun intended). Dual SD slots... mmm... bring 'em on!

Why doesn't someone make a multiplayer RPG?

Davy @ 10/14/2001 11:16:30 PM #
Something where you could play through a regular RPG, in color, or whatever, but that you could also trade items, or fight eachother or whatever. It sounds similiar to Pokemon (ugh), but it would be cool to have something like that for the Palm. Almost every palm has an infared port, and many people install games, so why not?

RE: Why doesn't someone make a multiplayer RPG?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/14/2001 11:29:43 PM #

Maybe a mod could be made for this game that did something like that. It would even be cool if it had a conduit or web updater that you can log onto the net and have multiplayer sessions though with slightly delayed game play.

I tried this on my Handera but it doesn't support the screen.

The developer said he would look into supporting it. Damn I hope he does... I'm stariving for a good have on my 330



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