Yahoo Builds New Mobile Portal

Yahoo! has announced the debut of a new suite of search services for mobile users at the CTIA conference.  This new search offering enables mobile consumers to search for local information, images and Web resources on mobile devices.

Yahoo! Search has created a new mobile Web search experience for consumers, on multiple devices and across multiple networks, that is easy to use, and presented in a full-color, graphical way. Yahoo! Search now brings relevant, comprehensive and useful information to the mobile environment for consumers on the go. Users can get started using the service on a data-enabled mobile device by going to Yahoo!’s Mobile Internet site or simply typing in For more information on carrier and device availability from the desktop go to

Key features of the new mobile search include:

  • Local information about businesses across the country – from the Web’s the No. 1 destination for people looking for local information online
  • Everything from restaurants to dry cleaners – including business name, address, phone number and a full-color map with driving directions.
  • Access to saved and recently used locations from desktop and ability to directly place a call from the search results page
  • Professional and community generated ratings
  • Image Serch: Search for and view thumbnails of more than one billion images
  • Web search: Access to relevant and comprehensive search results powered by Yahoo! Search Technology (available only on html capable mobile devices)
  • “Search Shortcuts” that enable quick access to information, including weather, stock quotes, sport scores, flight information and more. For example, consumers can search for the latest score on a baseball game by typing in a team name and the word score, and the first result will be an updated score of the current game along with the time left in the game.

  Through Yahoo! Mobile, Yahoo! focuses on extending key Yahoo! services beyond the desktop, providing an integrated PC-to-Mobile experience and making the most of the mobile environment. As the number of mobile consumers continues to grow rapidly, Yahoo! Mobile has rolled out mobile extensions of key services in the past year such as Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Photos, across multiple carriers.

“The launch of Yahoo! Search for mobile is a crucial step in providing consumers with a new and powerful point of access to our search products,” said Dan Rosensweig, chief operating officer for Yahoo! Inc.  “With the launch of Yahoo! Search for mobile devices, we’ve taken our expertise in providing mobile Internet services and our Yahoo! Search Technology, and combined that with our understanding of consumer’s wants and needs.  We are empowering consumers to get what they want, how they want it, when they want it and where they want it.”    

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e_tellurian @ 10/28/2004 2:48:54 PM #
What a brilliant thought, what a great way to give all programmers more work and better ROI for democratic prosperity.

Why, all we need now is something to help give this idea more purpose, something driven by like minded people, something interactive, something that seeks to solidify and expand friendships, freedoms, peace too ... win-win.

Any thoughts?



completing the e-com circle with a people driven we-com solution

RE: Yahoooooooo!
e_tellurian @ 10/28/2004 3:24:44 PM #
... and interact with smartphones when one finds the need to find ones phone, or wallet when dropped from time to time without our knowledge. All this was an issue until e-knarr came along.

Now your smartphone can tell you that you have dropped your wallet, or your wallet can tell your phone you have dropped your phone and where it can be found all without compromising ones right(s) or choices.




completing the e-com circle with a people driven we-com solution

RE: Yahoooooooo!
Strider_mt2k @ 10/28/2004 5:33:59 PM #
I choose thought.

RE: Yahoooooooo!
Tdadalto @ 10/31/2004 9:16:55 AM #
Is this stuff workin' in european gsm?
I'm interested but i can't see how this stuff work

Need better interface for sbc yahoo webmail

drw @ 10/28/2004 11:23:15 PM #
I like my 2 gig sbc yahoo dsl webmail account. Messages stay on the server for me to access from any computer/device. Have uploaded my complete address book from my pda. But a better palmOS interface would be nice, like a snappermail for webmail.

RE: Need better interface for sbc yahoo webmail
nrosser @ 10/29/2004 10:51:12 PM #
the interface for this 'new suite of services' is the same ol' yucky one. All they've done with this 'new stuff' is added couple of new menu options. Their interface design team needs an overhaul. Yawn. I checked it out and was severely underwhelmed.

How to access without WAP

I.M Anonymous @ 10/30/2004 2:56:04 PM #
If you are using WebPro or another browser that doesn't do WAP browsing, you can access the mobile portal at



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