PalmSource Joins OMTP Group

PalmSource today announced it has joined the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) group. OMTP is an open standards-based consortium aimed at creating a consistent user experience across multiple wireless devices by defining open mobile platform requirements.

The OMTP group was established in June 2004 by eight international mobile operators to collaborate with industry-leading companies in all sectors of the mobile space to promote its goals through open standards and different technologies. The OMTP group now has 40 members and participants.

"The efforts of the Open Mobile Terminal Platform group are in line with PalmSource's strategy to enable a consistent and intuitive user experience across wireless handhelds and smartphones through open standards," said Albert Chu, vice president of business development for PalmSource. "Our vision is to leverage the openness of the Palm OS platform together with the OMTP group's requirements in order to give users of Palm Powered devices(TM) seamless interoperability across smart mobile devices."

"We are pleased to welcome PalmSource to the OMTP group and look forward to the Company's active support in our mission to better meet the user experience requirements of mobile users worldwide," said Mats Nilsson, managing director of the OMTP group.

About OMTP Group
The OMTP group was formed on June 23, 2004 and aims to define those platform requirements necessary for mobile devices to deliver openly available standardized application interfaces that will provide customers with a more consistent and improved user experience across different devices, whilst also enabling individual operators and manufacturers to customize and differentiate their offering. The OMTP group is an open association, with membership or participation available to organizations wanting to adopt OMTP requirements, to assist the process of achieving the OMTP group's goals or simply to follow the latest efforts and results of the OMTP group. Membership is open to mobile operators, whereas participation as a sponsor, advisor or associate, is open to any entity. Members, sponsors and advisors are eligible to be actively involved in projects formed by OMTP; associates receive information on ongoing activities. Mobile operators, mobile device manufacturers, software and hardware suppliers interested in participating in the OMTP group can find more information on the OMTP group's website:

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