Talking English - French Dictionary for Palm OS

Beiks French Palm DictionaryBEIKS has released a new TrueVoice Talking English - French Dictionary for Palm OS devices. Based on the popular bi-directional BEIKS English-French Dictionary for Palm OS, this product adds vocal pronunciations to over 21,000 common French words, recorded by a native French speaker. The dictionary includes over 60,000 French translations to about 38,000 English headwords. The program is also expandable with the large selection of other Beiks dictionary and language products.

BEIKS TrueVoice Talking English - French Dictionary v6.0 is available now for Palm OS 5.0 and higher devices. It comes with a fully function free trial period and costs $29.95 to register. The program requires a memory card to store the 55MB compressed data file.

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