MegaLauncher v6.45 Released

MegaLauncherMegasoft2000 has released a new version of its popular MegaLauncher for Palm OS. MegaLauncher v6.45 (Apache) is a multipurpose application manager that can work on all modern Palm OS platform devices. To call it a simple launcher with skin support would be an understatement as the program provides a wide array of features. Highlights include a Today view with plugin support, a network and ftp manager, built-in file browser and utilities, multi-window mode, a theme manager, zip support and whole range of customization options. The latest update features full support for the GSM Centro.

MegaLauncher v6.45 (Apache) is available now for Palm OS 5 and above. It includes a free trial period and sells for $19.95.

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