Hobbyist Software Updates Butler & Phone Technician

Two very handy pieces of software for Treo owners are the recipients of recent updates. Phone Technician version 2.5 is now available, mainly improving on version 2.4's support for the Treo 700p and fixing a screen turn-on bug.

Butler has been updated to version 3.82 and also addresses some lingering 700p bugs as well as the 650/700 alarm volume issue. In addition, 5-way navigator support has been added to the mp3 selection screen and an escalating alarm option has been added.

Preference Doctor is now up to version 1.25. The new version improves 700p support and adds some cache management tools.

Check the Hobbyist Software site for the latest versions of Butler and Phone Technician, as they have not been updated in the PIC store yet.

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