Palm Acquires Actual Software Corp

Palm Inc. today announced a definitive agreement to purchase Actual Software Corporation of Andover, Mass. Actual Software makes the popular and robust Palm email program, MultiMail Pro. Users can expect to see solutions from Palm that include various MultiMail products over the coming months. This is Palm's second acquisition as an independent company following last week's announcement of Palm's agreement to acquire Internet-calendar leader

"Palm is committed to delivering robust, industry-leading communications capabilities to our customers," stated Alan Kessler, chief operating officer, Platform and Products, for Palm, Inc. "This acquisition brings Palm not only world-class e-mail clients and conduits today, but also some of the industry's top talent and engineering expertise to help us drive the development of next-generation handheld mail and messaging solutions."

Kessler added, "The acquisition accelerates our momentum in offering customers significant improvements in handheld computing and communications capabilities, whether through our own technology development, acquisition, or combinations of both. We will continue to raise the bar and build on our leadership in this fast-growing market."

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This is Great! @ 6/6/2000 10:56:37 AM #
Less than a week after getting my Palm IIIx I outgrew the Mail app and purchased MultiMail. I love it and I hope that OS 4 includes MultiMail as its default Mail app.

Palm Acquires Actual Software

RSL @ 6/6/2000 12:48:47 PM #
For all those who bought Visor's figuring that they would never want or need to upgrade their operating system...It looks like Palm will be giving all of us reason to upgrade to Palm OS 4.0. Looks to me like Palm is licking @ss and taking names...
RSL @ 6/6/2000 12:52:39 PM #
... I meant kicking @ss and taking names.... :0
RE: Palm Acquires Actual Software
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2000 1:57:36 PM #
Paging Dr. Freud. Paging Dr. Freud.
RE: Palm Acquires Actual Software
Hoser eh! @ 6/7/2000 12:40:06 PM #
I think we're both screwed. Palm OS4 will be designed to optimize the new 200 MHz StrongARM chip. Logic would state that it would be too much for the current DragonBall processor to handle. So it looks like current Palm owners may get close to OS 4.0 (3.9999999) but never really get there.

So we're both going to have to upgrade by buying a next generation Palm. I don't mind!

It's about time!!!

PDA Boy @ 6/6/2000 2:04:55 PM #
Thank god Palm has finally come to its senses. They should take the current "Mail" program out into the parking lot and shoot it! With the internet so wired into our lives, a PDA must have a worthy email manager.

*Note to Visor owners*
As someone here already pointed out, your screwed. Because the OS isn't upgradeable, your stuck with the default Mail program.

RE: It's about time!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2000 2:45:25 PM #
Actually, nobody is screwed. You can simply leave the default Mail app alone and use Multimail, as with everyone else. The same goes for Palm, Visor, TRG etc users... The only upside is that when Palm releases OS 4, the mail app would probably be Multimail or a variation, and then you've just suddenly found Multimail which you have paid and registered, useless (or almost useless) because now Palm has it in the OS.

Great addition

TriniPalmUser @ 6/6/2000 3:11:13 PM #
The next step should be an acquisition of either Iambic Software (Action Names) or Pimlico Software (DateBk4). One of these needs to be integrated in the new OS.

next step? emailer

macfixer @ 6/7/2000 8:23:54 PM #
i think they should buy Apple's Emailer program--it syncs with multimail, and shares Palm desktop's interface

I'm not so sure...

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2000 3:21:42 AM #
If Palm were to incorporate it as their mail app I guess that means that they'll certainly be charging for the new OS versions.

There's no point taking over a company when you aren't going to get anything out of it ie money.



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