Unilinear Out of Business?

PalmStation is reporting a rumor that Unilinear, a company that has been promising a clip-on device to allow Palm handhelds to use PC Cards, has gone out of business. "Unilinear President, John Haggis has taken another job in Palo Alto and the company had reportedly been up for sale for the last 3 months, with no takers."

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pthree @ 6/7/2000 4:47:02 PM #
This email was sent to me by Unilinear.
it has already been submitted to PalmStation.

Hello ,

No, we're not going under but we have passed a critical juncture. We have
spent 2+ years developing a pretty innovative product all with our own
financing and now the Parachute finished, beta tested and ready for
manufacturing and distribution.

After a clear and critical evaluation of our company we recognize our
strengths are in R & D and not in channel distribution or manufacturing.
Passing this juncture has put us on the road to finding a strategic partner
who can assist in manufacture the product as well as use existing channels
for distribution.

I really appreciate your contacting me directly with your concerns. I hope
this gives you a clearer picture of where we are and our continued desire
to keep moving forward.

Warm regards,

Jocelyn Luciano

At 6/7/200012:28 AM-0700, you wrote:
>I have heard a rumour that Unilinear is going under, im sorry to hear
>this, but i would like to have confirmation please.

Jocelyn Luciano www.unilinear.com
Marketing Director
UniLinear Corporation
(503) 297-9512



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