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PalmSource 2004 Articles

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1 2/11/2004 Nagel Keynote Opens The PalmSource Conference
February 10th, 2004, San Jose, California. The annual PalmSource developer conference kicked off with a keynote speech from David Nagel, CEO of PalmSource. Read on for PalmInfocenter's coverage of the…
2 2/11/2004 PalmSource Drops Mac Synchronization in Cobalt
updated In a surprise announcement at the developer conference, PalmSource revealed that Palm OS Cobalt will no longer offer synchronization with the Mac OS. This marks a departure as previous…
3 2/11/2004 PalmSource Expands Java Support With IBM WebSphere
PalmSource announced today it has licensed IBM's WebSphere MicroEnvironment (WME) Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) certified runtime environment and WebSphere Studio Device Developer (WSDD) toolset…
4 2/10/2004 First Palm OS 6 Cobalt Screen Shots
updated PalmInfocenter is in San Jose for the PalmSource Developer conference. While work on more detailed reports from the event is in progress, I took some quick snaps of a few images of Palm OS 6…
5 2/10/2004 PalmSource Introduces Palm OS Cobalt and Garnet
PalmSource today introduced Palm OS Cobalt, previously know as Palm OS 6. Cobalt is a new enhanced version of the operating system that is designed to enable the creation of new categories of devices…
6 2/10/2004 NVIDIA Enhances Graphics for Next Generation Palm OS
PalmSource and NVIDIA today announced plans to enhance the graphics acceleration in Palm Powered smart mobile devices running Palm OS Cobalt and Palm OS Garnet. NVIDIA will bring their GoForce…
7 2/10/2004 PalmSource Names 2004 Powered Up Winners
PalmSource today honored four Palm OS developers with Powered Up Awards at its third annual US Developer Conference held in San Jose, California. The awards recognize Palm OS developers who have…

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