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   Palm Treo Smartphone and PDA Reviews

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1 8/24/2011 Retail Roundup - HP TouchPad Clearance Sale Edition
Hoping to score at least discounted HP TouchPad at retail, I got an early start on Saturday morning and made a number of visits this weekend to several stores that had been staunch supporters of…
2 2/10/2011 HP Pre 3 Hardware Analysis
HP's just-announced Pre 3 contains a notable list of improvements over its predecessors, as well as a list of notable "firsts" for a "Palm" device. Read on as we examine the nitty-gritty specs of…
3 1/28/2010 Verizon Palm Pre Plus Initial Impressions
It's been four years since the last major piece of news from Palm and Verizon in January, which was the Treo 700w launch on January 5th 2006. Yesterday marked the occurrence of an event that many…
4 12/7/2009 Palm Retail Roundup Report #6
Kris is back with his semi annual report on the state of Palm's retail presence in the US. In his latest report, Kris ventures out to the local Best Buy and a Sprint Store to checkout Palm's latest…
5 10/8/2009 Palm Pixi Sneak Peak Photo Preview
PalmInfocenter is in attendance CTIA Wireless and IT Show being held this week San Diego, California. I was able to spend some time with the upcoming Palm Pixi at a press event. Sprint was on…
6 9/1/2009 webos Homebrew Installer Preware 0.7.8 Alpha Ready For Testing
Palm Pre & webOS hacking has come quite a distance since we last took a look. Thanks to some excellent community-developed tools and Palm's generous free access to the Mojo SDK, it's now quite…
7 8/13/2009 Getting Started with Palm Pre Homebrew Apps
Installing and finding unofficial "homebrew" apps for Palm webOS has recently gotten much easier thanks to new software and guides. Palm Pre users on all major computer platforms (Windows, Mac,…
8 7/24/2009 A Look at the New Features of webOS 1.1
On top of Palm's official release notes, the new webOS 1.1 update for the Palm Pre also includes a number of undocumented new features and modifications. The changes range from extremely subtle UI…
9 6/25/2009 Palm Q4 FY09 Conference Call Highlights
Palm Inc. today reported their eighth straight quarterly loss as the new CEO Jon Rubinstein led the investor quarterly conference call. Palm posted a net loss of $105 million dollars on total revenue…
10 3/19/2009 Palm Q3 FY09 Conference Call Highlights
Palm Inc. today reported their seventh straight quarterly loss and one of their most financially difficult periods to date. Palm posted a net loss of $(98) million dollars on a total of $90.6 million…
11 3/2/2009 Partners in Precrime, Part 3  
12 2/17/2009 Digging Through the Latest webOS Developer Details  
13 2/17/2009 Partners in Precrime, Part 2  
14 2/15/2009 WebOS Developer Interview With Pivotal Labs  
15 2/11/2009 Notes from Palm's Investor Conference Today  
16 2/9/2009 Partners in Precrime, Part 1  
17 1/19/2009 TealPoint & Normsoft on webOS: It's Great, But We Want C  
18 1/13/2009 Interview with Pandora About Developing for WebOS  
19 1/7/2009 Palm Retail Roundup 5 - Handhelds Disappearing Fast  
20 1/6/2009 Palm's 2008: A Year in the Desert with Windows Mobile  
21 1/4/2009 Light at the End of the Tunnel: 7 Things We Need From Nova  
22 12/29/2008 2008 - The Palm OS Year in Review  
23 12/18/2008 Palm Q2 FY09 Conference Call Highlights  
24 10/22/2008 A Look at the Olive Green Centro  
25 8/22/2008 Treo Pro Unboxing and Video Preview  
26 7/18/2008 Verizon Treo 755p Rom Howto and Update Guide  
27 5/12/2008 Upcoming Windows Mobile Palm Rumor Analysis  
28 4/2/2008 Palm at CTIA Wireless 2008  
29 2/24/2008 Ten Apps to a Better Treo or Centro  
30 1/10/2008 2007 - The Palm Year in Review  
31 9/11/2007 Tealpoint Speaks Out On the Foleo Cancellation  
32 6/28/2007 Palm Q4 FY07 Conference Call Highlights  
33 5/31/2007 Palm Foleo Hands On Gallery  
34 5/30/2007 Notes from the Foleo Webcast  
35 5/25/2007 Hawkin's New Device Expected Next Week  
36 3/5/2007 Interview with HandEra  
37 1/17/2007 2006 The Palm OS Year in Review  
38 11/22/2006 Treo 680 Photo Gallery  
39 11/17/2006 Interview with Tech Center Labs  
40 11/7/2006 Palm Retail Roundup Update  

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