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So this clie failed my "butt test"

Victim: Min-yi Shen
Date added: 1/30/2003


So this clie failed my I just moved to California for a new job. Escaping from the single digit or minus temperature of Chicago is a great relief for me. On a beautiful sunny afternoon (75F!), I wore my bike shoes (which locks both of your feet on the pedals), put my PEG-S320 and went out for a joyride.

This S320 has been tested tough. How tough? I once dropped it while stopping for a traffic signal at 30 km/h. The clie slipped out of my pocket at this speed, landed on a concrete pavement, spinned a circle or two, then stopped. I picked it up and it is still working! So I got a wrong impression that it is built like tank. Well, back to my first ride in California. On a traffic signal about 1 mile away from my home, I forgot that I am wearing bike shoes so both of my feet are locked. (rookie) So I fell off my bike and sit on my S320. I heard a tiny "click" and totally ruin the glass top and LCD screen, as you can see in the picture.

So this clie failed my "butt test". In order to see if Sony keeps improving their product, I buy a SJ30 to replace that ill-fated S320. I am planning to convert it to a picture frame or a bike light using the lithium battery inside.

Min-yi Shen, Menlo Park, CA

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