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Don’t Drink and Organize

Victim: James Holle
Date added: 8/31/2005


Don’t Drink and Organize I’m sure you’ve heard the story: I was out with some friends, having a good time – having a really good time. I reached into my pocket to give the cantinero some dinero and… out flies my beloved Palm IIIc to ground in a spiraling death plunge. It had survived so much carnage in the past I didn’t think twice about it’s ability to persevere. But lo and behold, “The horror… the HORROR…” It looked like it had been involved in a head-on collision with a lane-swaying Pocket PC. Still powers up and the touch works if you hit a million times. Unbelievable.

Included in the photo: the bastard items of my pocket I was drunkenly trying to fish out.

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