A Brief Look Into Japanese Adult Content Censorship

Japanese Censorship Adult

It's safe to say that Japanese entertainment has made an indelible mark on the Western world. Anime, manga, and Japanese films are everywhere with no signs of slowing down. However, if you've ever watched erotic entertainment from the Land of the Rising Sun, you noticed quite a few pixels. Compared to its Western counterparts, Japanese XXX content uses a lot more censorship. While breasts and butts are A-OK, genitals are off-limits. But why is this the case? And why is Japanese uncensored VR porn so hard to find? Let's dive in and see what's up.

A History of Censorship

Porn censorship may be a relatively recent phenomenon (i.e., since videos and images became widely available). However, censorship has a long and sordid history in Japanese culture. It all began during the Meiji Restoration, which lasted from 1868 to 1912. During this period, the government sought to protect the emperor's reputation, so it censored anything that went against his rule.

The Public Ordinance of 1869 codified censorship and some subjects were outright banned, including pornography. All other publications and entertainment had to be subjected to review boards and approval.

Even after the Restoration, censorship was still going strong, especially leading up to World War II. In Post-World-War-I Japan, the government became even more heavy-handed and started policing ideological and religious teachings. In some cases, the police would issue death penalties for offenders.

Oddly enough, after Japan surrendered in World War II, the United States and the Allies banned all forms of censorship. This itself was a form of censorship, as no one could even mention the word or its effects.

Censorship and Adult Content

So, if the Allies banned censorship during the occupation period, why are adult films pixelated today? Well, it all goes back to the Criminal Code of 1907, which prohibited ?obscene? materials. While we won't dive into the legal mumbo-jumbo of various court decisions, the Japanese supreme court decided that genitalia and pubic hair were obscene.

The definition of obscenity in Japanese law is content that "arouses and stimulates sexual desire, offends a common sense of modesty or shame, and violates proper concepts of sexual morality."

For whatever reason, breasts, butts, and other sensual acts are not considered obscene. However, any form of penetration, including anal intercourse, must also be blurred. Otherwise, all Japanese adult content would be little more than pixelated nonsense. Also, all studios self-censor to avoid the penalty, which includes a two-year prison sentence and a 2.5 million Yen fine.

Do Uncensored Videos Exist?

The short answer is yes; you can find uncensored Japanese pornography online. However, because the content originates in Japan and the law is so strict, producers don't want to risk releasing uncensored versions of its scenes.

As a result, it can be hard to find what you're looking for. However, sites like SexLikeReal compile uncensored JAV content so that users can fulfill their fantasies without having to use their imagination too much.

Will the Law Be Changed?

Japanese Censorship Adult

When something has been codified for so long, change often becomes more complicated over time. Since this law has been in effect for over 100 years, including during the digital age, it's unlikely to get amended or repealed. In fact, the Criminal Code was updated in 2011 to include electronic devices. However, despite the amendment coming relatively late for online porn, studios were already self-regulating to play it safe.

Some users who watch JAV exclusively will say they ignore the pixels. Also, studios are already working around the restrictions, which is why tentacles and other non-genital parts are so prevalent in these videos.

So, we don't think that Japan will change its censorship rules anytime soon. Fortunately, accessing the uncensored versions is relatively straightforward, so users can get the best of both worlds.