HP TouchPad Goes on Sale July 1st

HP TouchPad webos wifi HP today announced that the Wi-Fi version of HP TouchPad will be available in the United States on July 1. HP's first webOS tablet will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany a few days later and in Canada in mid-July, with availability scheduled to follow later this year in Italy and Spain, as well as in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.

HP TouchPad will be available from U.S. retailers, commercial resellers and direct from HP with the option of either 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage for $499.99 and $599.99, respectively. Preorders in North America and Europe will begin June 19.

HP also announced it will be partnering with AT&T to introduce a connected version of HP TouchPad later this summer.

"What makes HP TouchPad a compelling alternative to competing products is webOS," said Jon Rubinstein, senior vice president and general manager, Palm Global Business Unit, HP. "The platform's unmatched features and flexibility will continue to differentiate HP products from the rest of the market for both personal and professional use. This is only the beginning of what HP's scale can do with webOS."

TouchPad brings a 9.7, 1024 x 768 pixel display along with a 1.3 megapixel webcam with video calling, b/g/n WiFi, 16/32 GB of storage running on a dual core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon CPU. It weighs in at 1.6 pounds and is 13.7mm thick.

Optional accessories for HP TouchPad include the HP Touchstone Charging Dock, the HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard and the HP TouchPad Case (sold separately).

U.S. retailers and commercial resellers for HP TouchPad will include Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, Sam's Club, OfficeMax, Amazon.com, Fry's, Microcenter, other leading local and regional retailers, and HP's online stores. Specific pricing and availability for HP TouchPad in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom will be announced regionally. Details for Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore and Spain will be announced at a later date.

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HP tablet

richf @ 6/9/2011 9:06:55 AM # Q
July 1. Now what do you guys have to say? Who's buyin?
Have a nice day!
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RE: HP tablet
hkklife @ 6/9/2011 12:01:23 PM # Q
Seeing as that they are matching the price of the top-shelf Android tablets and the iPad but likely falling short on specs (Android) and ecosystem/UI (iPad), I'll wager that no one will be buying these things.

HP should have positioned the TouchPad as the Hyundai of the tablet world: Match or beat the iPad2 in every single spec but undercut it by $100 at every major price point.

As far as comparing the TP to an Android Honeycomb tablet--this thing has worse resolution, NO HDMI-out, NO expandable storage, NO USB host, and NO removable battery.

What is HP doing right with the TP?
-Dual-core CPU
-Launching the wi-fi version FIRST
-The ability to charge via microUSB instead of some foolish proprietary connector.

Otherwise, something like the Toshiba Tablet (fullsize SDXC slot + fullsize USB port + removable battery) offers a much more PC-like experience while drastically undercutting HP's pricing.

My predictions:

-The Touchpad will be the best WebOS device yet and a surprising amount of TP customers will be first-time WebOS users.
-Sales-wise, it won't be a Fooleo but it certainly won't be a Palm V. I expect a furious push by HP this summer before unsold TPs start to disappear from retail shelves
-This thing could have been HUGE had it hit the market 6 months ago.
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RE: HP tablet
whiteasianrose @ 6/10/2011 11:32:46 AM # Q
yeah i'm getting one (just as soon as my last tutoring check comes in!) when it comes out....probably not launch day as i'll want to play with them in stores and set the display ones up to showcase their strengths, but def in July.
RE: HP tablet
jca666us @ 6/10/2011 4:37:05 PM # M Q
I think the touchpad will sell well if:

1. there are a bunch of compelling apps. to start with.

2. HP can demonstrate why the touchpad is better than an iPad or various android tablets.

3. The user experience is great.

To me the hardware specs are a bit underwhelming - compared to an iPad 2 - and I think it has an uphill battle for market share.

Webos is a nice looking UI, however i hope hp realizes that a nice looking UI needs to perform quickly. If touchpad succeeds that will put additional pressure on apple and google to vastly improve their products. As it is, Ive been using the ios 5 beta on my iPad - very impressive - Apple has added alot of new features and polish to the existing features in ios.

Any of the hallmarks of palm hardware past: poor build quality, buggy os, buggy applications, etc. and this thing will die a quick death.

RE: HP tablet
LiveFaith @ 6/13/2011 3:28:44 PM # Q
Good points JC. As important as "specs" are, I don't see them making or breaking this device vs the iPad. First of all, the iPad may be a bit better, but the TP is pretty close and superior in enough ways for HP to "hype" those where needed. Example: Processor speed.

IMO, HP has to do as you say, get as many apps as possible available ASAP. But even more important IMO, is the ability to differentiate the TP with differentiating features. They have to bring on the touchstone, tap2share, valuable-intuitive multitasking, real-time device sync, enterprise savvy / security, effortless printing, and a host of others in the pipeline for the future. People need to say "I want that, that, and that" in order to buy the TouchPad.

Matching Apple is pointless. Exceeding on specs won't really help, especially since Apple is not sitting on their hands. Why would consumers buy a copy when they can get the real thing? I don't think they will unless their is real usability difference.
Pat Horne

RE: HP tablet
abosco @ 6/13/2011 5:33:32 PM # Q
HP should have positioned the TouchPad as the Hyundai of the tablet world: Match or beat the iPad2 in every single spec but undercut it by $100 at every major price point.

They can't. Apple is the world's largest consumer of flash memory. As such, they get primary selection and the lowest price. Every other manufacturer pays more for flash memory. If you want to match or exceed Apple in storage space, the only way you can charge less will be if you are willing to lose money on the hardware.

If these companies could have undercut Apple on price, they would have - two years ago.

I own an iPad. My girlfriend and I bought one for each of our families. I am here to report that the consumer PC is dead. Most home PC owners use it to check email, browse the web, and do word processing. As all of this improves in tablets and costs continue to come down, you will see more and more people replace desktops and laptops in favor of tablets. As such, I bought stock in Apple, Google, and HP.

Also, Microsoft is irrelevant. The more I think about it, the more a Microsoft buyout of RIM sounds reasonable. They both have dying businesses, and Microsoft has tons of cash to blow on unprofitable businesses that can kill it quicker.
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RE: HP tablet
gmayhak @ 6/13/2011 7:50:49 PM # Q
You are almost right abosco, the iPad and iPod touch or iPhone do almost everything. A major exception is computing power and available software, Developers among others still need to rely on their desktop machines for the heavy lifting. A few more years and you will be 100% correct!

Tech Center Labs

RE: HP tablet
LiveFaith @ 6/14/2011 11:56:19 AM # Q
The tablet FF intriques me in a lot of ways. But for those who use them on a day to day basis, are they really as / more useable than a netbook or laptop FF that sits in place able to be viewed / typed on at any moment.

I am interested in the iPad and TouchPad, but if I buy it would have to basically banish my netbook, which is my business workhorse.

Can anyone (abosco?) share their feelings on this.
Pat Horne

RE: HP tablet
hkklife @ 6/14/2011 12:06:30 PM # Q
I find it absolutely fascinating to make firsthand observations of the usage habits of the "whiny home user" casual market, especially with the commodization of smartphones (primarily iPhone) and tablets (primarily iPad).

Most casual users I know (and end up supporting to some extent) have almost completely abandoned desktop PCs, especially in the past 3-4 years as reasonably spec'd <$500 notebook PCs and netbooks hit the scene. They all tell me that that laptops are cooler/trendier, smaller, easier to set up, and "a better value". 99.9% of these portables never leave a desk or the kitchen table and these same users are wont to complain about small text, small keyboards, or an aggravating touchpad but that's another topic for another thread.

Also, most of these people have interestingly graduated to an iPad or iPhone from an iPod and bizarrely still use their old iPods as dedicated music players. Or they do weird stuff like own an 8Gb iPod Touch for music despite the fact they have ~12Gb free on their iPhone 4s. A LOT of these same users are "scared" to do much on their iPhones beyond basic SMS & phone calls b/c they are scared they will "break" it with a malicious 3rd party app or "use up all the memory" and render it inoperable for voice calls. In fact, I would wager than maybe 1/4 of the iPhone users I know have never installed an iOS update or even sync'd with iTunes beyond the initial setup "to make that stupid white cable screen go away".

If these same users are still clinging to a desktop, it's likely an older Vista or XP machine that they use as an iTunes/media hub and for occasional "work". For the most part, however, they have replaced it with a netbook or an iPad that they use for their day-to-day news/browsing/games. These people also are infuriated when they encounter a web site that does not offer full functionality in its mobile-formatted version or requires Flash.

That said, I find almost zero value in the current crop of tablets other than as a luxury item and/or a "being lazy" novelty device. I use my Galaxy Tab only around the house (ie on the toilet, on the couch, in bed). It's almost entirey a media consumption device other than brief FB updates or emails. I don't take it to work and I don't travel with it. My powerhouse desktop PC w/ an ergo keyboard, adjustable 28" monitor and comfy chair is still my primariy tool for getting stuff done but I realize that makes he terribly unhip and in a dwindling segment of the market.

Just the other day a guy told me he refused to pay more than $350 for a dual-core, 15.6" laptop. But that same guy is ready to drop $500+ on an iPad 2 without blinking an eye. Take your average $500 tablet and accessorize it with a case, a desktop stand/dock, and maybe another charger. You are in high-end laptop territory and still saddled with a non-expandable, very limited functionality device. But the hardware companies and retailers love it!

How does all of this relate to HP's chances with the Touchpad? Well, I know they are going to have to give it a MUCH stronger effort than the first-gen TP if we are heading to a tablet-centric future. I also think it would STRONGLY behoove HP's codemonkeys to integrate removable storage into WebOS ASAP and use it as a major way to undercut Apple on pricing, along the lines of what Bosco is saying.
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RE: HP tablet
LiveFaith @ 6/14/2011 7:55:35 PM # Q
The world is going after these things, but I see them the same way as you. They are media consumption devices. For those who primarily listen to music, watch videos, are addicted to social networking, or view photos, they seems great.
But for doing work beyond the entertainment, I'm not yet convinced.
Although, the future of these platforms look like the place where things are going. That paradigm is shifting. Finally!
Pat Horne
RE: HP tablet
abosco @ 6/15/2011 6:00:48 PM # M Q
I am interested in the iPad and TouchPad, but if I buy it would have to basically banish my netbook, which is my business workhorse.

Depends what you use the netbook for. The iPad isn't as good at originating content as it is at viewing it. If you need word processing and spreadsheets, you can do it, but it's not near the functionality of a netbook.

But for the majority of people who need to do email, web browsing, and media, it's plenty.

RE: HP tablet
richf @ 6/25/2011 9:00:21 AM # Q
Just returned from WalMart and my first hands on with the HP TouchPad. Nice machine. Not a good demo experience if you don't want to hold the thing in landscape. It was on the display stand portrait mode but display was in landscape. Leaned on the roof support and cocked head to use in stand. The original $499 sign was replaced by one that read $599. I expected it to be a little faster than it appeared to be. I am of the opinion that it is comparable to my Pre Plus. I really thought it would be faster. Maybe my expectations are a little high. They have the iPad 2 in a locked case so I couldn't really compare directly and they are some distance apart. No side by side compare. Apps; three games, the known office suite, and adobe reader. There is a dictionary and world book app that resembles the CIA World book. Dictionary was a little weird. The word few was listed as "a few" under the A letter. There was no net connection so the browser was untested. The Pims look to be the same as my Pre Plus. Disclaimer, my opinion and not a knock down drag out test. Sorry if I forgot some things that maybe important to you all. Maybe next time.
Have a nice day!
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