5 Ways Mobile Tech Has Changed Business

Innovation continues to give the world a rebirth. The invention of devices such as smartphones means a lot for various sectors globally. Improvements to the already existing ones make them function better and offer desirable features for the users.

Precisely, mobile tech has changed the face of business, considering how most things are done today. For instance, most office operations can now be completed in time because of mobile technology. About 90% of businesses globally now depend on mobile technology to function comfortably.

Please continue reading to understand how technology has changed business, as our expert Martim Nabeiro discusses this topic (you can read more about Martim here).

Increased Brand Awareness online

Currently, it's not a must for businesses to apply traditional methods of marketing. Such strategies have been wiped away since business owners can now promote their ventures through online marketing. That's possible through the business website, which allows the customers to have information about the business.

Another advantage is how internet access is becoming cheaper. Smartphone users are also increasing daily. A projection shows that the number of internet users shall have grown by about 0.8 billion by next year.

That figure means a bright future for businesses that have taken their operations online. That also shows how technology has changed marketing significantly.

Enhanced Business Customer-Relationship

mobile tech businessThrough smartphones, the exchanges of vital information between the business and the customers have become easier. Today compared to the early years, customers can know when the business is in operation and when it's not.

Take, for example, the casino space in Portugal; casino owners understand that mobile tech is taking over. We now have casino websites that are optimized for mobile, while others have also invested in mobile apps to ease access to these platforms. Betting platforms such as 888casino have been able to improve customer relationships through this approach. On-site chats and sending messages over apps is thus possible due to mobile tech.

Feedback from customers to the businesses is also possible since the online platforms provide room for that. Customers can access the platforms via their smartphones and ask the business management to improve on areas they think the business is not focusing on.

Additionally, customers can express their gratification if they get better service during their visit to the premises. That makes the business owners know that they are doing well in terms of service delivery. Giving feedback online instead of visiting the premises also helps them save time so that they concentrate on other important activities.

Besides improving B2C relationships, businesses can build on B2B relationships and new partners and make it stronger. They can get new partners online and discuss ways that can help them build each other.

Ease of doing transactions

Customers and business owners can comfortably transact money (huge or little) without risking losing to the thieves. With the phones, cashless money transfer can be done without carrying any physical cash.

mobile tech business

Also, apps that help the business owners to track their daily transactions are now available to assist them in doing their monetary follow-ups at the end of a certain period. In fact, businesses don't have the burden of buying expensive traditional machines that were used in doing similar things as a single mobile phone can do all this.

One of those apps' advantages is that they don't charge a service fee, thus making them convenient for transacting any amount. Such developments are helping businesses to save on service delivery time and exceed their customer's expectations.

Reduced Paperwork

With the apps and other software, paper use is continuously becoming limited since most of the things that a business may require on paper are formatted well in the software. Furthermore, the files are downloadable and shareable. Therefore, there is no need to print them.

Also, employees can share information without distracting each other during the working hours, thus creating a conducive working environment for everyone. That also results in increased productivity of the employees.

Has Boosted eRetail

According to ComScore, mobile technology in business has attributed to many customers spending time online. That is because they can access whatever they need in the comfort of their homes.

Most stores that were operating physically have also shifted to online operation because it's the new trend. The acquisition of various items by the customers is no longer difficult. Walking to your favorite store is now a thing of the past. When you have your smartphone, you acquire whatever you need.

From the above scenarios, you can figure out how impactful the technology is, especially in the telecommunication sector, considering how it has boosted business. Everything has now become better as long as you have gone mobile.