Top 10 Most Gambling Celebrities in Hollywood

The heroes of our today's collection love to gamble in casinos like CasinoChan Australia after a hard day's work. We are going to talk about actors, musicians, and royals who love poker, roulette, or horse racing.

Of course, it is hardly possible to compile a complete list of stars who are fond of gambling, because many of them probably love to play in online casinos. However, there are also enough of those celebrities who do not hide their predilections.

Some Statistics

According to Frank Faernkopf, head of the US Gambling Association, the level of service, which must be at a consistently high level, is of particular importance to public figures. But the range of gambling games, as explained by Mr. Faernkopf, is paid much less attention.

#10 - Toby Maguire

Toby always walked on the edge of a knife in gambling, which promised him prison. He is an avid casino player. Once he lost a large sum to Ben Affleck, after which in 2004 he won the Hollywood Park tournament and won first place. After that, in 2011, he beat investor Brad Rudman by $ 300,000. The investor filed a lawsuit against Maguire, saying that the game was unfair. But Toby came out the winner.

#9 - Matt Damon

Matt's passion for gambling began after filming the movie "Sharpie". He was trained by the most famous players in the world. Now he is a frequent visitor to the best casinos in Las Vegas with George Clooney and Ben Affleck.

#8 - Ben Affleck

Ben had a lot of problems playing poker. But this does not negate the fact that he is a professional. Once he won 800 thousand dollars, but being under the influence of alcohol left 150 000 dollars for tea to the dealer. In 2004 he won the championship with a jackpot of $ 365,000.

#7 - Paris Hilton

The socialite has long been known for her antics. Of course, with such a rich inheritance, you don't have to bother with investment savings, even more at a young age. She has always been a regular at Las Vegas establishments and the best online casinos. On her last birthday in Las Vegas, she won $ 30,000.

#6 - Charles Barkley

He is often seen in the best casinos, again, Las Vegas and Charles Barkley is a basketball player. According to him, he spent more than $ 10 million on gambling. The player says that he does not plan to stop.

#5 - Jennifer Tilly

Actress and semi-professional poker player. Jennifer currently holds the 2005 World Series of Poker Gold Bracelet. She also won Ladies No-Limit Texas Holdem, beating over 600 competitors.

#4 - Gladys Knight

The singer is clearly addicted to playing Blackjack. She often gives concerts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. Then he plays at the tables until the morning. Once, having won 60,000 dollars, she lost them at the next table. At the same time, having called herself a rescue service, she managed to spend 45,000 on top before their arrival.

#3 - Brad Pitt

After filming Ocean's 11, Brad became a regular at gambling establishments. On the court, he often played slot machines. After becoming friends with Clooney, they were often seen in Las Vegas casinos together. Pitt even wanted to invest $ 3,000,000 in the Vegas Casino Complex project.

#2 - George Clooney

Also, after filming Ocean's Friends, Clooney became addicted to gambling. He is friends with many gambling celebrities and himself often goes to Las Vegas casinos, as evidenced by numerous photographs. He even wanted to build his own casino and call the project "Las Ramblas", according to rumors it should have cost $ 3,000,000,000, but the project was never implemented.

#1 - Hugh Hefner

The main gambling fan was Playboy magazine owner Hugh Hefner. He is an out-and-out gambler and casino fanatic. He owned The Playboy Club & Fantasy Tower in Las Vegas and Playboy in London. He was a bl pro game and could beat almost any experienced player, for money or for stripping.