How Much Were Palm PC and Palm OS The Ancestors of the Smartphone?

One might wonder how far gone the Palm PC and Palm OS are from smartphones. We all agree that the Palm PC and Palm OS are ancestors of the smartphones. We just do not know the intensity or degree of this fact. In this piece, we will get to see the degree to which the Palm PC and Palm OS are ancestors of smartphones.

The First Step of Palm OS and Palm PC

The Palm PC was established a long time ago having its OS first in 1996. The pocket—sized phone was mainly built for office management and assistance. Having dated back to this, the Palm Operating system is a very old one. It did not have the modern features of the Operating System possessed by smartphones today. In fact, the last Palm OS was made in 2004 with not so modern features.

It can be said that the Palm PC and Palm OS laid a foundation for the smartphones. This is because they served as prototypes for them to look up to. The smartphones, however, came in bigger and better thereby pushing them aside. To see the configuration of one of the last Palm OS devices, see this checkout the Palm TX:

The Growing Market of Smartphones

In this age, smartphones have taken over every other thing including the Palm PC and Palm OS. They are called “smart” phones for a reason. The market of smartphones is really growing so fast. This has led different smartphone brands to compete against each other and bring out a new improved product till date.

The smartphones now perform the features of the Palm PC and even have other better features. It is also the primary tool for communication in the world and not just office management. All of these places the smartphones in high demand thereby increasing the market rapidly. This market is also not slacking in making improvements and giving the customers what they want.

A Use Case to Compare Both

The difference between the two devices can be seen in so many ways. Our focus here is gaming and data come from a study done by the mobile games team of

Gaming on a Palm PC with the Palm OS proved to be quite stressful. Games to play on a Palm PC are very limited because the Palm OS is outdated. In fact, a lot of games do not fit into it unlike the smartphones that can easily get any kind of game. The Palm PC had to get the games separately before fixing them into it. Smartphones, on the other hand, have access to unlimited games which are just a click away. Racing games, avatar games, online games are easy to come by with smartphones than the Palm PC.

Online casinos for instance, had Palm PC buying the game separately before installing. The Masque Casino game was the best thing that could fit into the Palm OS. The game can be purchased on Amazon and then fixed into the Palm OS. Smartphones, on the other hand, has it the easiest way. A lot of platforms and websites have been built for online casinos, and they are easy to reach. All that is needed is to log in into the website and play away.