Top Fantasy Books

Each person has their own hobby or hobby, someone draws, someone plays in a Cookie Casino, and someone reads fantasy. Fantasy is an amazing genre that immerses its reader in an amazing, and sometimes even magical plot. In this collection, we will look at the best fantasy books that you should read.

"The Color of Magic" by Terry Pratchett

This book opens a Discworld universe consisting of 40 novels. A universe standing on three elephants and its heroes. Each of them has its own character and path. And it also has a lot of humor and allusions to what has already been read, a lot of magical characters and unexpected plot twists. The author, starting his story, makes you recall many legends, think about their origins, and become interested in new knowledge.

"The Six Ravens" by Lee Bardugo

The book belongs to teenage literature, but it will be interesting to anyone who loves fantasy. Her characters live in a city divided between several gangs. It is impossible to call the heroes of the novel positive or negative. They live the life that has fallen to their account. They make mistakes, get up from their knees and go forward again. They are young, so love is of great importance to them. And not only in the classical sense.

"The Walking Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones

If you like humorous fantasy, when you smile all the time while reading, then this book is for you. There are many plot twists in this story, but it reads in one breath. Three sisters living in a fairyland will have to overcome problems. They arise due to the fact that one of the sisters is enchanted by a Swamp witch into an old woman. She will have to meet Wizard Howl and put up with his character. The characters like to egg each other on, which gives a special atmosphere to the novel. As the plot develops, the heroes will have to solve all sorts of riddles and run errands for the magician.


We hope that you enjoyed this selection of the 3 most interesting fantasy books. These books will provide you with a space for reflection and your dreams, they will inspire you and give you a good rest time. Be sure to consider these books for reading.