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1 2/10/2006 End of the Line for the Fossil Wrist PDA
Fossil has removed the Palm OS Wrist PDA from their website. It now seems that the company has ended all development of the Wrist PDA and will no longer be selling new models.
2 8/3/2005 Fossil Palm OS Wrist PDA on Sale for $80 is now offering the Fossil Abacus brand Palm OS Wrist PDA at a discounted price of $79.99 USD, regularly $149. The Wrist PDA combines all of the benefits Palm OS has to offer with the…
3 1/6/2005 Fossil Releases FX2008 Palm OS Wristwatch PDA
PalmSource today welcomed the Wrist PDA with Palm OS from Fossil, the next generation Palm Powered wrist watch. Available under the ABACUS and FOSSIL brands, the Wrist PDA with Palm OS combines all of…
4 11/5/2004 Palm OS Fossil Wrist Watch to Return
UPDATED New reports place the Fossil Palm OS Wristwatch preparing for a comeback next year. An updated version of the wristwatch PDA is planned to debut during the consumer electronics show in…
5 1/22/2004 Fossil Wrist PDA Scrapped and Pushed Back
After numerous delays, Fossil has finally admitted the cancellation of the Palm OS Wrist PDA. The company has cited problems with the LCD display manufacturer as the main reason for all the release…
6 9/26/2003 Fossil Wristwatch Delayed Indefinitely
The Fossil Palm OS wristwatch has been delayed yet again. now reports that the highly anticipated model is now listed as "item is not stocked or has been discontinued," and is no longer…
7 7/21/2003 Wrist PDA & iQue 3600 Delayed Again
The shipping dates for two of this summers most anticipated Palm Powered models have slipped behind, yet again. The GPS enabled Garmin iQue 3600 will now ship by the end of July and the Fossil Palm OS…
8 7/8/2003 Fossil Wristwatch & Garmin iQue 3600 Delayed
The shipping dates for two of this summers most anticipated Palm Powered models have slipped behind. Both the GPS enabled Garmin iQue 3600 and the Fossil Palm OS wristwatch will ship a few weeks later…
9 6/2/2003 Fossil Palm OS Wristwatch Available for Preorder
The first wristwatch that runs the Palm OS is now available for pre-order from, and will start shipping on June 30th according to the online retailer.
10 11/21/2002 Fossil Wrist PDA Named Best of COMDEX
Fossil, today announced its Palm Powered WRIST PDA was named "Best of COMDEX" in the mobile devices category at COMDEX Fall 2002 by show organizer Key3Media Group Inc. and sponsor PC Magazine. Other…
11 11/18/2002 Fossil licenses Palm OS for PDA Wristwatch  
12 4/29/2002 Fossil Wrist PDA Available  
13 11/6/2001 Fossil Creates Wrist PDA  

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