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Pocket Pyro Palm mp3Want to see a 192MB MP3 player that uses the Palm screen for play lists and song/band info, supports ID3 tags, and also stores Palm DOC files! The unit will have a USB port, DC-In for charging batteries or to run from, standard stereo headphone jack, MMC/SD flash card slot, an expansion port connector, and a powerful DSP providing full CD quality stereo MP3's. Check out the PocketPyro at the Palm booth (#3404) at PC Expo this week, there will be live demos! Here's some sneak peek photos of the most anticipated Palm audio add-on of the year...
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I'll belive it when....

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/26/2000 11:10:37 AM #
mabye when they have real photos and not pro-e mockups... that thing is pretty gawdauful looking...
RE: I'll belive it when....
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/26/2000 11:54:28 AM #
Whats the point? There are plenty of small MP3 players. I don't see the advantage in hooking it up to a Palm and getting one big blocky MP3 player.
RE: I'll belive it when....
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/26/2000 11:57:03 AM #
On the website, it works as a stand-alone unit.

Yecch @ 6/26/2000 4:07:45 PM #
That is large. Too large for a pocket. Why get this instead of a Rio?! As a future Visor D owner, I'm glad there will be the Innogear player. mc

Too big, too expensive

BrAtKo @ 6/27/2000 3:30:14 AM #

Too big
Too expensive

No comment !



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