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Thursday was one of the most news-worthy days thus far in the post-acquisition HP/Palm world. Taking the stage at the Fortune Magazine Brainstorm tech conference in Aspen, Colorado, Todd Bradley of HP and Jon Rubinstein of Palm discussed all things WebOS. Most significantly, Rubinstein made the first a public reference to the next generation of WebOS, saying that WebOS 2.0 is coming "later this year", with "aggressive" new hardware development currently in place. In fact, HP plans to dabble in nearly every current mobile formfactor with WebOS, as stated by Rubinstein:

We're working a wide variety, as Todd said, smartphones definitely, slates, netbooks, working with the guys in the printer group. webOS [...] will have a unified user interface across all of these, will have a unified developer environment, and it's all based on the foundation that we build in webOS from day one. When we developed webOS, we thought about making this scalable across a variety of mobile devices; that's what we'll be delivering going forward.

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Sounds Great.

LiveFaith @ 7/24/2010 4:24:36 PM # Q
Thanks Kris. Palm has been burning through cash for the past year and have not laid off the majority of their engineering staff AFAWK. HP stated clearly that they would continue with Palm's current road map to bring forth new prods in the near term. For the last year the Palm staff has not been sitting around wringing their hands while the Pre/Pixi marketing debacle played out. They were doing their job ... bringing forth the next gen HW/SW.

Maybe JR and others wer positioning Palm for sale all along? Nevertheless, they were running the thing to make money and forge ahead. That's what would make it sale for more. I've never understood the opinion that said for the last year "Palm has no new HW, therefore nothing is coming, therefore it's the last we'll see, and it's a dead platform." Yes, without a buyout they would not have made it. But they have been doing the obvious for 12+ months now and should deliver something spectacular in 15, considering that they are building on an already awesome platform. If they make as much relative progress as they did in 12 last time, then watch out.

I still love my Pre+. Now 800mhz and lightening fast, OS / App patches by the dozen, pay apps, free apps, and homebrew apps galore. Would love a 4" screen, PIM upgrade, Flash in browser, and some continued OS refinement and capability. Not a perfect phone or platform, but I love it more than I expected. Besides the glaring marketing failures, I am impressed with what JR & Co inherited and built in such a short time. Palm HAD to do it error free and di not, therefore they are bought.

Still, they did some great things and I'm very excited about v2.0 and some beasty hardware.
Pat Horne

RE: Sounds Great.
dagwud @ 7/30/2010 7:08:26 AM # Q
If they put in a more Palm-like PIM, I would probably immediately regret switching to Android.

I like my Aria. But Android's calendar has major usability issues. I miss the functional simplicity of my TX sometimes.
PalmPilot Pro (1997) -> III (1998) -> Vx (1999) -> m500 (2001) -> m515 (2002) -> Tx (2007) -> HTC Aria (2010)

RE: Sounds Great.
Gekko @ 7/30/2010 10:00:28 AM # Q
RE: Sounds Great.
CFreymarc @ 7/30/2010 9:56:59 PM # Q
Tablet tablet tablet!
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Quick office

BaalthazaaR @ 8/25/2010 7:44:42 AM # Q
No movement on the comments in two days ;-( ... Just came across this tidbit

Never really heard of them, but there potential for document editing for WebOS 2.0.

RE: Quick office
jimn367 @ 8/25/2010 11:07:55 AM # Q
I much preferred Quick Office to Docs-To-Go in the old days. It kind of got buried when Palm started bundling DTG with their devices.
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