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HP TouchPad Fire Sale No sooner had we posted news last Friday of the availability of the white 64GB TouchPad when HP dropped a bombshell not only on the WebOS market but the entire mobile industry. Effective immediately last Friday night, HP slashed the price of the 16GB Touchpad down to $99, with the 32GB Touchpad reduced to $149. They also sent out a memo to all of their channel partners instructing them to do the same, with the clearance pricing fully in effect as of Monday morning.

As expected, response to the clearance pricing has been absolutely phenomenal, with the TouchPad arguably being the most sought-after piece of personal technology ever online. Over 350,000 TouchPads were reportedly sold this past weekend, with those numbers certain to grow as warehouses empty out the remaining TouchPad stock.

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I went around to the local stores and they were all sold out.

pmjoe @ 8/23/2011 7:07:12 PM # Q
Not only that, but there were probably 3-4 other people who I ran into at multiple stores who were also looking for them - all within a couple hour's time.
RE: I went around to the local stores and they were all sold out.
gmayhak @ 8/23/2011 7:45:56 PM # Q
Another STUPID move by HP, they could have undercut the iPad by $150.00 and still made a profit and a dent in other 'pad' sales. ALL or NOTHING mentality running the company, 'dipshits' search on google should retrieve Hewlett Packard!

Tech Center Labs

RE: I went around to the local stores and they were all sold out.
LiveFaith @ 8/23/2011 7:46:41 PM # Q
Staples had the $99 pad with a $50 instant rebate!!! Dang, I would have bought 10 instantly.
Pat Horne
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