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Mike Walter of TRG announced today on the release of AutoCF, the long-awaited software add-on to the TRGpro that allows you to access databases and programs directly off a CF card. TRGpro users can get the free download here. It requires that you have already upgraded to OS 3.5.1, which TRGpro users can do for free here.
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AutoCF 1.0

BaudRider @ 6/30/2000 10:46:09 AM #
Just installed it on my TRGPro. Everything seemed ok.
But then i read in docs that i can move moth .PRC's to
FlashROM. I did it and.... Oooops !!! TRG crashed !
When i tried to reset it using a clip it hanged again.
Etc... etc... etc....

I restored from latest backup on CF and then installed
AutoCF again. Now everything is ok.
Don't trust to TRG sentence in docs:- "Both AutoCF and
AutoCF Extension can be moved to flash using FlashPro" - it is not true !


RE: AutoCF 1.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/30/2000 11:25:49 AM #
u MUST press the "up reset" before u move it to the FlashROM........

it works ok for me, (i used it since the version 0.24 )

Offtopic: Palm OS'es

Pål @ 7/2/2000 3:14:49 PM #
How come TRG owners now can upgrade to Palm OS 3.5.1, while we Palm'ers still are officially stuck at 3.3 ( although most have grabbed 3.5 off the net somewhere) ? It's time that Palm either releases 3.5 or atleast tells us why it is delayed. This "stick the head in sand and hope no-one notices" approach is poor business. We've all heard about the memory-leak, but surely that is something that is easy to fix.

ok what is the main pur.

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 4:02:56 PM #
how if I get this upgrade or do I really need it I have a palmIIIxe how would this upgrade better my palm. PLEASE E-MAIL ME ANY INFO


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