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Our reviewer, Robert Zach, takes a look at 2 accessories for your HandSpring Visor. The 5-pack of replacement colored styli and the HandSpring Wilderness Nubuck slim leather case. Both items are available from HandSping's online store.
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smokey @ 7/25/2000 7:36:51 AM #
A little pricey considering there are some really nice leather cases out there for less cash. I'd consider it if it were cheaper.
Looks Good!!!!
bharnois @ 7/25/2000 11:17:56 PM #
Maybe some credit card slots so I cound dump my wallet. Small size by the pictures is perfect. Love the flippy hard cover.

Still pricey though!

Handspring Visor Stylus 5-Pack

Scott Dreslinski @ 7/26/2000 4:07:05 PM #
This is just some info regarding your review of the Visor Stylus 5-pack. You mention the above 2 "hidden" features that you miss with the stock stylus. I just got a visor deluxe last week, and it appears all visors now come with the premium stylus, as I have the 2 "hidden" features in my "stock" visor stylus.

A nice touch they should have shipped standard a long time ago, but good for them for doing it now.

RE: Handspring Visor Stylus 5-Pack
Robert Zach @ 7/30/2000 8:11:35 PM #
I agree with you, and mentioned it in the review, this should have been standard. If it is true, then I am very glad to see that Handspring has recognized thie deficiency and is shipping the "premium" stylus as stock.

Thanks for letting us know.

Premium Stylus

Maurice @ 7/27/2000 2:25:33 PM #
Is the Handspring stylus compatible with the Palm V? If so it would be a well-deserved replacement for the standard plastic stylus.
RE: Premium Stylus
CSAM @ 7/29/2000 6:11:09 PM #
Don't try it! I got my Visor stylus stuck in my Palm for several hours... it took a pair of needle-nosed pliers and a bit of elbow grease to get it out again! Yikes!


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