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The award-winning Expedia travel service today launched Expedia To Go, a new service that allows users to access essential travel information. Through a partnership with AvantGo, travelers can download personal itineraries, timetables for alternative flight schedules, driving directions, frequent flyer account numbers, and the phone numbers for their airlines, hotels and car rental agencies.
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dw @ 8/2/2000 12:14:19 PM #
the maps are ONLY for pocketpc. hmmmm I wonder why...

Cant you see?

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/3/2000 2:51:37 PM #
This is just marketing to bring more females into the fold. While my wife isnt geeky enough to ever use a Palm, if forced she would easily choose a baby blue/pink Vx over any other PDA.

Where's the beef?

Marcus Diltz @ 8/7/2000 9:54:56 PM #
I called Expedia and they knew nothing about expedia-to-go. They did admit several callers inquired to this announcement. I was expecting to go to and set filters in my profile so I avoid an info dump to my palm. No news is not good news since the words out on


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