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In an article about Sun trying to find new markets for StarOffice, CNET casually dropped in passing that Sun is intending to make a version for the Palm. Their plan is similar to Microsoft's .Net strategy, with the majority of the app hosted by an Application Service Provider (ASP) and only a small client on the Palm. While this allows a full-functioned app to be located in the tight confines of a Palm, it also means the app may not be able to do anything when it doesn't have a connection to the ASP.
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Thin Clients

Hared @ 8/11/2000 4:44:13 PM #
I don't much care for the idea of a word processor that I always have to have a wireless connection active to use. I'm sure they are still in the fairly early design stages but I hope they do this right. What about this? There's always a document reader on your Palm but you can't do any editing unless you have a Net connection. You get your choice about whether you want to store your docs on the device or on the server.

real word processing?

macfixer @ 8/12/2000 11:50:11 AM #
i can't wait to be able to do some real work while away from my desk. i mean, a REAL word processor? Cool!

Go for it..

Kent @ 8/14/2000 8:18:24 AM #
Palm shd support any effort by Sun to create StarOffice for PalmOS. A Palm with 'free' text & s/heet apps wuld be perfect. Palm must look into increasing RAM to 16MB...


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