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The Infrared Data Association (IrDA) has successfully used an infrared messaging system to complete a check authorization transaction using a Palm. This is an important first step in some day allowing people to pay for purchases via the infrared port on their Palm and other IR capable devices. "Digital payments are the future of financial transactions. The hassles of paper checks and plastic cards will be replaced with a one step process - the customer simply beams the instructions from their personal information appliance," stated H. R. Damon Gonzalez, Jr., Marketing Co-Chair of IrDA.
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PayPal had a good thing going on Palms until...

reidjazz @ 8/22/2000 9:25:04 AM #
...they pulled the plug on it. PayPal, I still support what you're doing (I use the service on eBay), but listen to the Palm community: you're missing out on more use of your service by cutting us off. Yes, our transactions may not be as immediate as on a desktop PC (and you may not make as much off of us in the process), but don't ignore our presence.



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