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Electric Fuel announced yesterday the development of a ZincAir “Instant Power” battery for use with Palm handheld computers. The 3300 mAh battery will allow Palm users to keep working even as their rechargeable battery runs down.

According to Electric Fuel, the battery can be used as a backup power source, as well as a portable charger that can charge the Palm's rechargeable battery several times, or both at the same time.

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Which Palms?

aardvarko @ 8/18/2000 2:56:06 AM #
OK, so which Palms is it compatible with?
RE: Which Palms?
Ed @ 8/18/2000 8:15:03 AM #
The orignal article wasn't too clear on this so I added a new pareagraph. This is a small external power pack that clips onto the serial port. It can power and charge any Palm model that has internal rechargable batteries, not AAAs (Palm V series and IIIc).

which models?

macfixer @ 8/18/2000 7:50:26 AM #
which models of palms are supported?

The Question is Cost

Tim @ 8/18/2000 9:29:53 AM #
OK, it sounds good, but if it costs a fortune...

Palm is GOOD!!

IJ @ 8/18/2000 11:20:31 AM #
I love my IIIc, I've had my friend who has CASIOPEA, he regret.

heard this already

triage @ 8/18/2000 1:38:58 PM #
They announced this ages ago.
Nothing at all on their site.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/18/2000 3:13:17 PM #


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