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There can be little doubt that the battery life of over-the-counter AAAs is important to many Palm users. One of the endlessly debated questions is, "Who makes the best batteries?" Red Mercury has released the results of a comparison study between regular Energizer AAA batteries and Energizer's new e2. Read the full results for all the details but the e2 batteries do last longer; it is up to you to determine if they are worth the increased cost.
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I've seen something like this before

zar @ 9/12/2000 11:57:33 AM #
This sounds like a "constant terminal voltage" battery -
one that maintains a high voltage level for a long time
and then drops off rapidly. They are good for devices
that require something very close to the rated voltage
to operate, but they pretty much make your battery
monitor useless.

The company I worked for at the time used them in a
device that used almost no power most of the time, but
once a day required pretty much the full 3v provided by
two batteries for 15 seconds or less. The device was
spec'd to run for five years before the batteries had
to be changed.


Brooke Wheeler @ 9/12/2000 1:26:46 PM #
I use Rayovac rechargeable alkaline batteries, and have been very pleased with the results. I read ebooks & play a lot of games on my Palm IIIx, but the batteries last, on average, one week before I have to replace them. Because they're rchargeable, I can slap in a fresh set when they become depleted without having to worry about what it's costinq me. I also like the fact that they don't develop a "memory" like NiCad rechargeables.


Foo Chik Chuan @ 9/13/2000 8:59:51 AM #
Rechargeable alkalines are the way to go, especially for power-munchers like TRG Pro.

Great Article

Brette Blatchley @ 9/13/2000 10:43:27 AM #
I was glad to read the full artical as I had tried a set of e2s and had noticed some improvement, but not enough to justify all their (Eveready's) hoopla. I can't wait for the Duracell vs. Energiser report. Thanks Folks!


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