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According to the director of marketing at Microsoft's mobile devices group, 60% of their handheld sales come in the Christmas season. This really brings into focus the need for all PDA makers to advertise heavily going into the all-important holiday season.

Handspring's first ever national advertising campaign is set to begin in the next week or two with the phrase, "Visor is." They will do both outdoor advertising and full-pages ads in newspapers and magazines. In November, Palm will begin a campaign focused on the IIIc and color in general.

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Ed @ 9/17/2000 11:33:08 AM #
If Palm is going to start a Christmas ad campaign based around color, I wonder if this means there will be more color Palms to advertise? There are rumors of a color Palm VII coming this Fall and many people have been asking for a color Vx for what seems like a year. No insider knowledge here, just throwing an idea out.

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RE: Color?
pfloyd @ 9/18/2000 10:47:56 AM #
I'm really hoping for a color Vx with native wireless of some kind. Bluetooth for example and maybe an SD slot...

color Vx ?

Kim @ 9/18/2000 5:28:59 AM #
is it possible to made a color Palm as thin as Vx ?
RE: color Vx ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2000 9:17:35 AM #
The Clie is expected in colour and it's thinner AND narrower.


Kristopher @ 9/19/2000 11:39:11 AM #
As far as i'm concerned, Color isn't worthwhile at 256 or 4000+. Where are the 65K color palms? If Palm emphasizes color, they are making an even better case for MS. (65,000+ color support, can your palm do that?)


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