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Have you seen the page that shows you how to hack a wireless Minstrel modem to work with a PC? Although the instructions are geared toward the Palm V version, the Palm III Minstrel is functionally equivalent. The hardest part is finding the right connector. I solved this by using "The Bridge" available at It is designed to extend a Palm III cradle to work with a Palm V, but it has solder points that make it easy to wire it to a serial cable. Also, although it says a 3.3v-4.2v power supply is needed, two AAAs (3v) works fine. I attached a 99 cent Radio Shack battery holder. The only thing that isn't mentioned is that you need the logon script, but you can get that from your Palm's modem settings.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 9/19/2000 12:20:52 PM #
Why on Earth would I or anyone else want to do this?

RE: Why?
nocoolname @ 9/19/2000 12:47:23 PM #
Come on now, WHY NOT?

I never post, so I need no signature.
RE: Why?
pfloyd @ 9/19/2000 1:24:39 PM #
Yeah, why not? Curiosity. Challange. Keeps hackers off the street. ;-)

RE: Why?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/19/2000 4:28:35 PM #
Are you serious PFloyd?! You can surf the web on a laptop or Palm wirelessly! Since you are using the same device, you only have to pay for one account. Wireless services track you by your equipment ID, so even if you got, say, an Aircard for your laptop, you'd have to pay for a 2nd account. This rocks!

Careful with this one.

FireMage @ 9/19/2000 6:48:39 PM #
I tried this, and when I was trying to get the desktop software working, it messed with the settings on the omnisky. If you take apart a 3 series hotsync cable, the end mates to the Minstrel V very nicely, after you remove the extra metal parts. I'm hopeing to eventually create a wireless HP200lx.

Apple Airport and Minstrel

bighead @ 9/21/2000 3:31:46 PM #
I'm a Mac man, and if I could have a Minstrel for true mobile network access while on the road, and Airport for wireless access for machine-to-machine and in-office networks, that would friggin rock.

But to even consider it, I'd need a new PowerBook, which is a lot of $$$ i don't have.



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