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Palm, Inc. and RealVision announced today plans to release in Europe and Asia a clip-on Web-enabled cellular phone for the V series. The GSM peripheral will include a wireless data and voice connection by snapping onto the serial port as a sled. Data functions include Palm Web-clipping applications and SMS (short message system) messaging. Voice functions include manual phone dialing, dialing directly from Address Book records, call-forwarding, caller-ID and ear piece volume.

It should be available in early 2001 for less than $299 when purchased with a 1-year wireless service plan.

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Too bad for us US folks

Adam @ 9/22/2000 6:27:45 PM #
Gotta love all the cool stuff that hits Euro/Asia first. I'd love to see this in my neighborhood.
RE: Too bad for us US folks
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2000 1:40:11 AM #
One of those rare occassions in technology when it's an advantage to live in Australia! :-) However, I think the "service" side (ie monthly fee) bites. I already pay for my GSM voice/data coverage with my current provider - I just want to slip my SIM into the RealVision device and walk away. I don't want to switch to RealVision's preferred telco just to use their device. If that were the case I wouldn't use it.

Palm Net :(

GregGaub @ 9/23/2000 1:01:48 PM #
Notice that the articles also point out that the announcement is a partnership between Palm and the company making the device. Although it doesn't specifically say so, I think it's a safe bet that Palm will sell the device to function only as a modem through That would royally suck eggs. Although it would still be nice to have an "Omnisky Phone" I'd MUCH rather dialup to my current access, or free access services than to pay yet another monthly fee to

What do I want? I want to buy the sled ($300 is a bit much, but for cutting edge, I can deal with it), swap out my GSM chip from my vurrent phone into the sled (Voicestream wireless here in the NW US is a GSM network), slap the sled onto the back of my PalmV and start making phone calls and dialing into my current ISP for net connection.

If they limit the data usage to, I won't go anywhere near it.


Re: Too bad for us US folks

Matthew Bassett @ 9/24/2000 2:20:40 PM #
Before getting too upset bear in mind this is not an "always on" service such as I understand you US folks get with Omnisky or the PalmVII. We Europeans (and Asians) won't get that 'till GPRS.

GSM snap-on

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2000 5:09:22 PM #
Finally a sensible add-on to the pilot. Don't forget the carkit and WAPability. It'll be a smashing addition to my mobile life.



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