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Arkon Networks today announced their Parafone Cordless Telephone Springboard module for the Visor. Operating on the unlicensed 900MHz ISM band, the Parafone features call display on call waiting, a 50 entry speed dial, a 1000 entry call history with direct address book transfer, direct dialing from your address book, calling card support, three way conference, a Ni-MH battery, and handsfree headset support. Simply connect the base unit to your phone line and the module to your Visor and you are ready to make calls. While pricing isn't yet available, the Parafone should be available in December.
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Modem also

Jon @ 9/25/2000 2:38:15 PM #
Is there a modem included so you can surf the internet in your house wirelessly?
RE: Modem also
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2000 3:09:39 PM #
If not, I would rather just carry a wireless phone.

RE: Modem also
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 1:08:46 PM #
No kidding, what is the point of this gizmo? It will probably cost an arm and a leg, and for what?

The cordless phone I have works just fine. Even if it does have a modem, I'd rather sit down at my desktop with a real screen.

To me, this device highlights the springboard mania that we are about to be subjected to. Many of these devices are just expensive gizmos in my opinion.

So I buy this phone for a visor, my roommate makes a call and I need to go somewhere. I make them hang up so I can take my visor with me? And then my roommate has to use a regular phone anyway.

I just don't see the point.

What about us with III's

tjnit @ 9/26/2000 2:05:00 PM #
I have noticed the past couple of days that Palm III's are being
left behind in the accessories market. Cant use OmniSky, can't
use, can use GoAmerica but can only get a used
wireless modem. It seems all the cools stuff is comming out for the
Palm V's and the Visors, whats up..




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