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On Tuesday, AvantGo (AVGO) sold 5.5 million shares at $12 each, $1 above the originally predicted $9 to $11 price range. They raised $66 million, which they intend to use for more marketing efforts and to continue the company's growth. Since its debut, the stock has been as high as $27.75 and opened the day on Thursday at $20.

This capped a month marked by strong rises in Palm-related stocks. Since August 24, shares of Handspring have jumped 100% and shares of Palm have shot up 38%. Much of Handspring's increase can be credited to CIBC Oppenheimer analyst Thomas Sepenzis, who rated it a "strong buy" with a price target of $70. He rates Palm a "buy" with a target of $65.

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I need some cash!!!

John Anderson @ 9/28/2000 12:25:08 PM #
Can I have a loan? PLEASE?

AvantGo is overrated

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/28/2000 9:10:12 PM #
I'm sure AvantGo will have to make a major turn in their business strategy just in a couple of months. As soon as palms get mobile it is just as outdated as "push" software (you remember?) like PointCast/entryPoint. What's left is a good browser for the palm. But that's not what companies pay for

submit ideas to AvantGo

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/29/2000 11:42:08 AM #
submit your ideas for improving this qreat product (I don't have any affiliation w them) - click the link @ the top of your AG home page on your palm-my write in vote was improved compression to reduce space rqmts / store more - what's yours?
RE: submit ideas to AvantGo
Ed @ 9/29/2000 4:38:38 PM #
I suggested Cut & Paste, Frames, and better JavaScript support.

Palm InfoCenter

hardly overrated

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/29/2000 9:20:57 PM #
maybe push didn't stick on the desktop, but it's here to stay on the hpc, a completely different environment. get a life & don't be so!


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