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Gateway is now offering two Visor bundles as part of a new line of accessories called Companion:)Ware. Their Mobile Pro Package is a Visor Deluxe and Targus case for $379 when purchased with a Gateway PC and $399 when purchased separately. The Digital Camera Package is $529 with a PC and $579 alone.

Gateway is also putting on free introductory clinics on handhelds to customers at more than 300 of its retail stores.

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Ed is misinformed

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/4/2000 11:36:22 AM #
The prices Ed quoted are way off. Gateway is not offering Visors for higher than retail prices. In fact all pricing is the same as you would find at the Handspring site. Discounts will be offered as well.

RE: Ed is NOT misinformed
Ed @ 10/4/2000 11:48:46 AM #
If you go to this page on the Gateway site:
you will see the prices I quoted, $399 and $579. Where did you see something different?

Palm InfoCenter
RE: Ed is NOT misinformed
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/4/2000 12:58:23 PM #
Yup... I sniffed around their site for a bit and saw the same price listings.


RE: Ed is NOT misinformed
Ed @ 10/4/2000 1:02:13 PM #
Let's do the math on the "Mobile Pro Package". A Visor Deluxe costs $250. I found a Targus leather case for $25. Documents to Go costs $40. StreetFinder costs $70. SimpleSketch is $15. That totals up to $400, which is what Gateway is selling it for. I guess this might be a good deal if you were buying a Gateway computer already, so you could get this for $380. Wow, a $20 savings.

Palm InfoCenter


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